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Monday, 22 February 2016

Popcorn writing

On Wednesday after morning tea we made popcorn. Miss Reynolds used a yellow popcorn machine. When the first kernel popped it was so loud, then all the other kernels started popping, one was so big it popped out of the machine and flew through the air like a shotgun bullet, it was trying to escape. All I could hear was popcorn popping, the machine hissing like a hairdryer and kernels clinging. It looked like fluffy sheep's wool. The popcorn machine was like a monster spitting out popcorn, like a volcano eruption. Kiri put the iPad over the popcorn and hooked it up to the tv machine so we could see what was happening, it looked like a popcorn tornado and it was awesome. After it was done we got to taste it, it tasted dry and yummy. Overall it was fun making popcorn because we got use to use a popcorn machine and eat popcorn in class time at school.


  1. Hamish - you have described our popcorn experience with some great choice of vocabulary. As the reader of your writing, I like how you made comparisons and used metaphors (e.g. "like a shotgun bullet") to help me get an understanding of what it looked like watching the popcorn. - Kiri

  2. It's really long and I really like it.

  3. Already as soon as you start writing I know what your doing
    From Ruby

  4. I really like this part "the machine hissing like a hair dryer "