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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Mountain biking

My fast bike zipped up and down the hills on alligator alley the path we went on.
I zoomed into the mud and my front wheel stuck.
I jumped on the roots like they were ramps.
The loud rain smacks me in the face when I'm zooming along. 
At the end my bike zoomed past the leader and I felt satisfied because that meant I was a good biker.


  1. I like this part of this sentance- zipped up and down the hills on the alligator alley-
    Because you described how fast the bike was going and you described the shape of the path.

  2. I love the part where you say "My fast bike zipped".

  3. Good job I love how descriptive your writing is a picture came start to my head it felt like I was there.

  4. i like how you described zooming through the forest