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Sunday, 25 June 2017

science blog

week 8
What is force? Force is when something like a pen is still and someone could pick up the pen the person would be pulling the pen towards them and pull is a force. When someone pushes you over they are using a force and the gravity pulls you down when you fall. A force causes things to start, stop or change direction. Pushes or pulls will always involve force. Friction is a force that happens whenever two surfaces collide with each other. Friction either slows things down or stops them. Things move, accelerate, slow down or change direction because forces are moving them.

A balloon rocket is a great way to learn force. The materials, you need to make it is 1 a balloon 2 some string 3 a straw 4 some tape.

The steps to making it are 1 get the straw through the string

2 set the string up on two sturdy objects with the tape

3 blow the balloon up and stick it on the straw

4 let the balloon go and watch fly.

We gathered our data by using this sheet.
We set up our balloon rocket and changed one variable every 2 goes. One time we tried using two balloons another time we tried using a different shape balloon. We also tried making the string a longer length or a different angle. It worked best when we used the different shaped balloon because that balloon was more aerodynamic and the air came out faster. It is better when it is aerodynamic because it means the air pushing against the balloon just slips over the top.

We changed these variables because we thought those would affect the way the balloon travelled and they did because we tried using different shaped balloons and they travelled differently one was a lot faster then the other.

At the moment I am using my knowledge of force at Discovery Time because I am making a balloon powered car which is another great way to learn about force.

I learnt that force always involves push and pull. I can use this knowledge about force in lots of different maths, writing and science. I don't just have to use it at school I could use it in my everyday activities like sport.

I wonder which way it would go if we put an aerodynamic balloon facing a normal balloon blew the up with the same amount of air and them go at the same time. That would find out what balloon is more powerful.

Week 7
What I did: I made a mini golf course to explore deeper into the science behind push and pull forces.

What I found out: I found out that the harder you hit the ball the further it will go and the faster it would push through the air. Also if you hit it too hard it would go Outside the barriers.  The ball would go further if you hit it hard because when you hit something at speed it will go faster and further. We know this because we had about ten attempts and it happened every time.

What I wonder: I wonder what would happen if we if we made a tall barrier and hit the ball hard.

Week 7
What I did: ping pong ramp to see if the angle of the ramp would affect the speed of the ball.

What I found out: I found out that if the ramp was steep and smooth the ball would go faster. It goes faster because the gravity is pulling it down and there's nothing in the way to stop it.

What I wonder: I wonder if the weight of the ball would affect the speed it would go down the track. I think it would because heavier things fall faster than light things.

Week 5
What I did: I made a catapult to see if lighter things would push through the air faster than heavy things.

What I found out: I found out that the weight of the cotton ball affects how far it travels and if the cotton ball was heavy but not to heavy it would go farther.

What I wonder: I wonder what it would change if we used different materials and tried making a big one. I wonder if it would travel farther.

Week 6
What I did: I explored deeper into the science behind a balloon rocket.

What I found out: I found out it didn't change much if you blew the balloon super big or small because the balloon didn't go further if it was bigger.

What I wonder: I wonder what would happen if we did it outside with a tail wind.

Week 4
What I did: I made a rocket balloon out of sting, a straw, tape and a balloon.

What I found out: I found out that it depends on what sort of balloon you use and much air you put in balloons. Because we used two different shaped balloons and one went faster than the other.

What I wonder: I wonder what would happen if we blew the same amount of air into both balloons weather aerodynamics would come into it.

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