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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

What am I ?

What am I ?

I have been worn since the nineteen sixties at all sorts of dancing competitions. I am as bright as a unicorns fluffy mane. My owner loves me because without me he would be bald. I have been in the biggest dancing competition called the 1960 world disco dance off. Me and my partner have won the championship 4 times. Me and him were on the floor going left to right tearing up the competition. We finish with a big moon walk then jump into the splits. The day after the competition my owner retired and left me, he chucked me in the wardrobe. I was all alone in the back of the dark and gloomy torture chamber. I felt like I meant nothing to him I felt empty.It was like I was at the bottom of a castle in a deep dark dungeon.

1 comment:

  1. I love how you have gone deeply into your detail with all your vivid verbs and adjectives.
    The highlight for me was when you took us back to the 1960s.
    Something that I think you need to improve on is making sure have the right punctuation in the right spot.