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Monday, 27 November 2017

Art blog

Fly on the wall
I did my fly on the wall with Ollie. We did it in Te Puna. Fly on the wall is when you just stand around somewhere to watch and observe. We took photos in Te Puna to show our evidence of what we saw in Te Puna. We were doing this to try capture the heart of Waimairi School. I think it went pretty well because we got lots of good evidence. The kids were watching the story Gingerbread Man which is a very good story that I liked. We captured the art of Waimairi school because we thought if there weren't any new entrant kids the school wouldn't be getting enough people to stay a school.

Capturing A Moment In Time
Today we were taking photos on the playground to try and capture a moment in time. When you take a photo it is capturing what you did that split second that you hit the button. Each of us were picking one photo to put on the wall. I didn't choose a photo that we took on the day I choose one from the few that I took doing fly on the wall. I  chose a photo of the new entrant kids and and a teacher and without them we wouldn't have a school. I really liked this activity  because I got to capture lots of different times and it was a fun activity you could do with your friends. You were also allowed to take selfies. 

Calendar art
This week we were working on our calendar art we had three choices to chose from. We could do a mosaic, a silhouette or a collage, I chose to do a silhouette which was a good choice that most people did. I started off doing a collage but that wasn't working and didn't mean much to me at all. I was only doing a fruit bowl but I changed what I was doing so it meant something to me. I did a silhouette of me doing a pose with a football at my feet and a picture of me kicking a football in mid air. It ended up being a really good calendar art that I was happy with. When my mum walked into the class she saw it because it is one of the first ones you see when you walk in the class and she loved it and said she was happy I changed my mind and did a silhouette.

Dance, drama and music 
The first one of these I did was dance it was really fun because we got to dance to the music which kept changing so you're moves keeped changing. Then we got to make up dance routines, I got put with Ashani and we did moves acting like we were mowing the lawn, washing the car and put the dishes away. I think we did pretty well. Next I did music which was interesting because we had to use stuff we could find around the classroom and try to make music out what we found. The thing I'm not happy about is that I missed out on doing drama the thing I was looking forward to the most.

Week 2-4
Week 2: This week we started working on our art projects. First we had to research a sculptor to find out information. Then we did two see think wonders one on a normal sculpture and the other one on a piece of found art. Found art is made out of recycling or stuff lying around in your house. The third thing we did was work on our plan for a piece of found art. Ollie and I are using driftwood, sea glass, cellophane and hot glue.
Week 3-4 we worked on this stuff and finished it.

Week 1 
In the art gallery we went in lots of different rooms some of which was filled with sculptures I could do like one called The Pin. The room The Pin was in also had some pretty cool stuff and it was a fun cool room.One of the other rooms was a room full of paintings that had penises on them which was weird. There was also a mannequin called Hori who looked super real. We also went to the Margaret  Mahy playground, it was really fun.

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